Sunday, July 18, 2010


Oh Go On Then, Main Event Results

Just for funzies, as the golf commentators say because they won't bet on the cut number for £1 (seriously), Main Event results of our featured players were as follows :

TV Pros (19, Gus Hansen didn't play)

David Benyamine cashed for $138k
Scotty Nguyen $49k
Hoyt Corkins $36k
Allen Cunningham $25k

Total $248k, Net +$58k

Euro Pros (19, Peter Eastgate DNP)

Theo Jorgensen $255k
JP Kelly $57k
Praz Bansi $49k

Total $360k, Net +$170k

2+2 etc (all 20 played)

Eric Baldwin $138k
Phil Galfond $57k
Christian Harder $57k
Thayer Rasmusson $42k
Jason Mercier $28k
Shannon Shorr $28k
Clayton Newman $21k

Total $371k, Net +$171k

Total buyins $580k, Total Net +$400k, ROI 69%.

For what it's worth. Which isn't very much :)

So over the whole series TV Pros down $860k ($43k each), 2&2 half that and Euros up $940k ($47k each). FWIW. Absolutely terrible for the TV guys setting aside Men & Ivey. How much does TV pay?

In other news: how many crazed murderers *have* you played cards with?
"How much does TV pay?"

It's not so much TV as sponsorship or part-ownership of online sites. Anything from truckloads of money (Lederer and Ferguson) to probably nothing (Liebert).

"In other news: how many crazed murderers *have* you played cards with?"

Two that I know of. Sigh :(

Interesting read that thanks. As mentioned above, the results are pretty surprising if you ask me - expected better :)
i didn't realise that you could make so much money with the TV tournaments, is that for real?
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