Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Kicking It Live

I have three live tournaments coming up that I'm looking forward to (really !). My live MTT record in the last 3 years is about as bad as it can be, if you don't count shootouts (both WSOP and TV). In my defence I haven't entered many at all, but even so, I haven't cashed in a live NL MTT since Tunica in January 07. While it's not a big sample size, there are a few things I think I was doing wrong, so I have been thinking of a few different things to try. Not least the kind of table image I'm trying to put forward (without going into details for obvious reasons).

First up is the Black Belt Live tournament at the Vic, starting on Friday. You can back me to ship the cheese at 50-1 in a 300 runner field. If you like burning money :). Then I should be playing GUKPT Main Event in two weeks time, and I have booked the Irish Open first week of April. I might squeeze in a couple of Omaha prelims as well. Hopefully it will be fun. For the moment I'd rather do it like this, playing decent UK & Ireland tournaments rather than jetting half way across Europe or indeed the world.

Update : Busted Black Belt Live before the first break (yes, with 20K chips). Did somewhat better in the GUKPT on Thursday, managing to stay patient throughout the day and doubling up in the last round to 50K. Today I couldn't resist limp-reraising 55 for 48K (after Neil limped in front of me and Toby Lewis raised from the SB). What could I do, there was 14K in there :). Toby had QQ, gg. Still, it was a tough table and it was just about to go 1K-2K so I was going to have to gamble pretty soon one way or another. Overall I was a bit happier with my live game and am looking forward to Dublin.

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