Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yet Another WSOP Update

Biggest news this week of course was Phil Ivey's bracelet, which moves him into a tie on 4 with his ex-wife (as tweeted by the legendary DougLeePoker). Ivey becomes the 2nd of my 20 "TV pros" to break through into profit (cf 4/20 Euros and 5/20 Internet kids). This clawback pulls TV Pros to $600k in the red, Euros are still $800k up and Internet kids now $400k down after a bit of a dry spell. To be fair, that $400k is entirely attributable to Justin Bonomo, Jason Mercier and Mike Watson who have played a ton of events with little success.

Had I picked Richard Ashby or Sam Trickett in my Euro list they'd be even further up - congrats to Richard for his 2nd place in the $10K HORSE. Devilfish is chip leader in the $5K PLO8 after busting Hellmuth in some douche-on-douche action which ended with both players swapping f-bombs. Stay classy guys.

Meanwhile I've hardly been playing at all, enjoying the football and spinning a bit of $5-10 Stud High on the side. I've made more money on the football so far :). Once that calms down I'll be back at the grind.

Well, I guess the "enjoying football" part is pretty much over now for you. ;-)
I know you're just teasing but seriously, not at all. Really looking forward to watching Holland, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain etc in the rest of the tournament.

Mr D Fish action pic. from the $5K: Devilfish
I've made far more on the football too recently - just a shame i lost loads in the group matches, and on the poker tables, oh and on blackjack. Oops.
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