Sunday, June 13, 2010


WSOP Update

On it rolls. Main controversy this week was when a dozen or so guys entered the Ladies Event, but I'm staying out of that one :). Massive congrats to Richard Ashby (Chufty online), I've said before I'm not especially funking for British players but it so happens that Praz, James, Richard and Neil are all top guys and I'm really pleased for them. No slight intended to Sam Trickett who I've simply never met :).

Anyway, neither Richard nor Sam were in my Euro list, but Dario Minieri picked up $50K in the Stud 8. Then while checking that I realised I had missed him off the entrants in the $50K Players Championship, so there went that :). Despite that, Euro pros are still $750k to the good. 2+2ers are almost even thanks to Jeff "yellowsub" Williams winning $320K. TV pros, however, haven't done anything significant since Men Nyugen's stud win and are now $900K in the red. Top bracelet hoes are Phil Ivey with 18 events and (though he's not on a list) Tom Dwan with 17. Those prop bets really focus the mind !

If there is a trend starting to manifest, it's that people who are playing every event they can really aren't doing very well. None of the 11 players who have played 12+ events are in profit, and quite a few have won next to nothing. There is some mixture of cause and effect here - if you get a result you're more likely to take a few days off, plus obviously the worse you do the more events you're able to enter, but even so it will be interesting to see how that pans out. Overall the 60 players are about even, that is slightly down but I have counted buyins for the $10K Omaha 8 which has only just started.

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