Sunday, June 06, 2010


Rhythm Of The Grind

I'm getting into the swing of this grind and finding it generally easier than I thought it would be. Pretty much playing Friday through Monday, and then Wednesday if I'm free and feel like an extra session. So I try to fit my socialising into Tuesday-Thursday, then at the weekend I'm hitting quite the groove. It looks something like this :

11.30 - Get up, breakfast, surf the web, see what's going on in the WSOP, review play from previous night if necessary, etc
1.30ish - Hit the driving range/course/park (for short game practice). A bit of fresh air and exercise goes a long way. Pick up some food on the way back.
3.30 - Eat. What would you call it ? A sort of afternoon equivalent of brunch ? Anyway, eat, and maybe watch a training video or some old High Stakes Poker or something.
Whenever - catch a 60-90 minute power nap. I think that's my favourite bit.
6.30ish - Get up again, maybe a light snack. Surf the web again. Catch up on any emails or anything that need doing.
8.00 (7 on Sat/Sun) - Grindomatic ! Fri/Sat/Mon, play about $4-5K worth of buyins, aiming to finish around 3.30am latest. Sunday, more $ and longer hours, depending on how deep I go of course. Was actually up till 8-30am last Sunday !

Generally I feel fine when I'm playing, and out in the fresh air walking or playing golf, maybe a little bit zoned the rest of the time. Poker has been going great, and could easily have been a lot better, have had a ridiculous number of deep runs in things without closing as much as I'd like, but a great deal of that is out of my hands with the various flips and coolers you have to fade in tournaments, especially late on.

WSOP Tracking Update : The Euro pros have flown out of the blocks with Praz ($500K) and Neil ($270K) picking up huge lumps and Flushy chip leader in the PL (1st is $190K) at time of writing. Massive congrats to all of them of course, three of the UK's very best tournament players. 2+2ers are only slightly down in buyins (normalising the effect of the $50K event somewhat) but $250k down in money terms, and TV donks, sorry pros, are $850k in the hole, muhahahaha. Guarantee you when one of them binks $300k it'll be "Year of the Pros !". GTFO. Biggest bracelet chasing hoes so far are Ivey, Raymer and Bonomo with 9 events each, closely followed by Lindgren and Negreanu with 8. Those 5 players have no cashes yet, that's right, 0/43. Yes, Hellmuth is only on 7 but he is slightly hampered by lacking that "get chips or get gone" mindset. And overall, the whole 60 players are about $400k down, that's including binks for $500k and $270k ! More description of random noise masquerading as analysis next weekend.

Update Sunday AM : I'm not going to do this every day, but as some events were ongoing when I wrote that ^^^, Flushy shipped it for $196k, congrats to a top player and top man ! Men the Master won the Stud for $390k (no editorial comment). Ivey and Lindgren cashed for $3K each. 2+2ers Terrence Chan and Jason Potter are in the last 20 of the Limit, gl to them. Pros now only $500k down and over all 60 players now $150k up.

Men won the Stud? For $390k? It's The Year Of The Pros, I tell you.
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