Monday, May 03, 2010


April Wrap / FTOPs and SCOOP

Once again I managed to put in good volume through April despite a week in Dublin at the start ; once again though results didn't come and the month's total was $32K in $18K out for a $14K loss. I'm pretty sure I have identified some leaks though. It's all Lee Nelson's fault. Well, and partly mine. My (faulty) line of thinking was "well I'm playing lots of tables so I'd better play unexploitably and stick to the book ranges". Problem one was I kept doing that out of laziness when I had fewer tables open, but the bigger problem two was that it's really not necessary. People just don't call allins as light as they should do across the board, and it doesn't take long to run some analysis on Hold-Em Manager and work out how often people are calling and reraising as opposed to how often they should be. And even when I am multi-tabling it's not a problem to just open-raise and then, if reraised, click Time, give him a range, stove it up and fold the first time or two if necessary.

So with that, and a definite attempt to focus on process rather than results, I kicked May off with a spinup over the weekend. Neither of the $2K events proved fruitful (FTOPs 2-day and SCOOP 6-max) but I had deepish runs in the FTOPs KO (23rd/5000) and SCOOP $200 6-max (192nd/7000) last night. Unfortunately I was brutally coolered in both within the space of 5 minutes, I'll spare you the details. Nonetheless, there's nothing like a deep Sunday run when you accumulate some chips to bring back the excitement. $3300 for 2nd in the Ongame 100 Turbo was a nice bonus as well. I played much better with a mindset of "just keep making decisions until there are no more to make and see what happens". I'll try to take that into the next couple of months.

Hi Andy ,do you know if its possible for a good ( me ) player to get staked into the bigger tourns (live) , i dont have the funds to play the decent games due to kids , house , wife there anyone that stakes?, ive read about it on the forums at blonde , pocket fives etc..

Thanks snipes.
Short answer, no, I don't know much about it. Can't see you having much luck if you don't have an established track record.

I could say a lot more but I'll let it go. If you want to know, I'll tell you, but you won't like it.

No i was just throwing it out there , i will carry on with my laying and bank some "spares" and use that, prolly not bother this year but am aiming to put a full schedule in next year and give it a massive go, im thinking to do at least 4 a month , over the 12 months i will need £20k put aside would you say this is right or wrong? , cheers bud.
Yeah, I think so. Much better to build your roll yourself and then make a decision. You might decide when you have the money to just keep it. But at least then you're free to make your own decision. I think seeking backing is a big mistake for a lot of people, although it does depend on particular circumstances. Good luck,

Gave this some thought, and your totally right mate, gonna just take it nice and steady this year " just keep my hand in ", then go for it next year i do like the monthly £300's at DTD and will prolly try and hit thm every month just to keep my game warm...dont know what i was thinking wi ur games mate..
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