Thursday, April 01, 2010



I'm in Dublin for the Irish Open starting tomorrow. I have also succumbed and signed up to Twitter as GetItQuietly . You won't be reading about what I'm having for breakfast or what I'm doing every hour of every day, I'm going to keep it poker related. If you are interested, I will be doing chip counts and stuff from tomorrow, the tournament starts at 3.30. This is not an April Fools (unfortunately) :).

As for March, while I'm here, I don't have the stats on my laptop but I think I lost $3K or something last month putting me almost dead level for 2010 so far .. grindy grindy grind. It could be a lot worse ! Finally I have been playing some heads up just for fun, I think I have absorbed quite a lot from watching various heads up videos (especially Ansky's which are great). I've just been playing $50 buyin on Full Tilt and almost everyone has quit on me so far which can't be too bad a sign. It's definitely good for my game ; I don't mind playing regs, in fact I'd like to play against good players because it's really for improvement rather than profit. I'll know I'm getting somewhere when people insta-sit out on me :)

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