Monday, November 02, 2009


October Wrap / Amsterdam

Nicked $5K last month and another $3500 yesterday with a 3rd in the Tilt $69 6-max. That is a great tournament by the way, people spew horrendously just because it's 6-max, or for whatever reason, anyway they do. I have decided that I need to change my outlook a little bit ; for three years I've always looked forward to playing, but now not quite so much. Nonetheless, if playing online keeps me on the golf course the rest of the time instead of in an office then that's what I need to do, and I need to approach it more professionally. It's still fun going deep in a tournament, but the rest of the time I need to play well and not be too gung-ho about "double or bust" even if it's slightly dull at times. It's still 100x less dull than a real job so I need to just suck it up.

Apart from that, finally saw my WPO heat today, or Part 1 anyway. I liked the way it came out generally, the changes Matchroom have made have really improved the show. Slightly disappointed that my flop 3-bet against Schaffer with the nut low (alright a straight draw) missed the cut, whereas all my donk calls were front and centre, but Phil Laak wasn't too hard on me so I can live with it. Woteva. Speaking of woteva, I thought Luke Schwartz made a couple of odd plays that made him look not quite so good when you can see the cards, but woteva.

Off to Amsterdam next week with Withnails Poker School. Check out the site if you haven't seen it, there's a 3-minute interview with me looking like a pumpkin head thanks to Tristan's cheapo camera work. It has occurred to me that in the last three live tournaments I played I have re-shipped the standard 20BBs only to get called by KQ, KJ and KQ again (I was actually in front of the KJ because I had KQ aka the nuts). If that's the way it's going, I need to be a bit more patient live in those spots. I can always wait to the jam stage, especially with high live antes.

Are you ever around in a live tournament long snough to experience the "jam stage"?
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