Monday, November 30, 2009


No More Hands

In case you're on the edge of your seat waiting for the other two hands, I decided they were pretty standard. Basically I flat called from about 25BB with suited broadway, flopped top pair and ended up losing to 1) a back door flush and 2) top pair better kicker. It happens. And as pointed out below, the KK hand is probably a pretty standard bet-call as well so meh.

While I'm here I can "do" November ; it's been an odd month. Despite Amsterdam I've put in some decent volume. I binked two tournaments (Party 150 and Ongame 50 rebuy) in the early part of the month when I wasn't playing particularly well, then in the second half I played much better and did my brains obv. Still up on the month in the end though. I've been watching a lot of videos on Bluefirepoker, Phil Galfond mostly, they're really good and are helping me no end in regard to hand-reading and exploiting opponents according to their tendencies.

There are also a couple of interesting threads on 2+2 that are worth checking out, one about Shaun Deeb retiring from tourneys and another being the one that pops up every three months or so asking Does any long-term MTT grinder still enjoy it ? I chip in to emphasise keeping a balance ; I think it's hugely important. There's no way anyone could keep putting in Deeb-volume indefinitely, but I still do enjoy playing 3 (max 4) nights a week and spending some time thinking about how to improve. For example I could play tonight, but I'm skipping it to just chill. The golf course was half underwater today :(, so I'll have more time to play next couple of months anyway.

Also : ZOMG, I played with this guy in a TV Sit-N-Go !

Christ, I hope you didn't suck out on him with some K5 shove.
I would like to pose the heretical question: Is Shaun Deeb any good at tournaments? His winnings seem so paltry compared to his volume of 1000 MTTs/week or whatever that by any historical measure of tournament success his ROI is tiny. Of course he is profitable - marginally. His ram and jam super-aggro style exploits tiny edges and coupled with insane volume does produce results. But anyone actually decent with that volume would have won 10x as much! --- matt
Anon (Keith I'm guessing),

Fortunately not. Especially considering how many people I did that to. I did reraise him allin with QJ and he gave me a death stare. Little did I know it was a real death stare *.


I'm not sure where you're getting your stats from. Deeb is up $1.06 million on Stars with an ROI of 60%, $450K on Tilt @ 45% (full tracking on OPR). Given the volume he puts in those ROIs are very good IMO.

* Pending the full judicial process. If acquitted, not a real death stare.
I used to play shaun when he tried out limit Omaha. He was pretty bad as I recall.

I think this kind of summarises why I don't play MTTs anymore. I know the way I play is inefficient, mostly ineffective now and exploitable. But I enjoy it. To remove all those things and make me a winning MTT player, which I'm sure would be achievable, would leave me playing a style I just wouldn't like.


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