Tuesday, October 13, 2009


What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up

I had to give myself a talking to and a slap yesterday. Hey, I could pay someone to do that. Anyway, I was a bit down after the WPO heat but on reflection the fact that there were 3 better players in the heat wasn't the problem so much as a lack of mental effort all round, particularly when in hands against the other players. Make a note and move on.

Without bragging (I've done far too much of that already), even three years ago I wouldn't have thought I could come as far as I have, never mind 5, when I was working 9-5 and not really winning much playing live, or 15 years ago when I had a shit job and no money. But what of the future ? Where, or who, do I want to be 15 years from now ? Someone on 2+2 today suggested that 25 years from now most MTTc-ers would probably look like Devilfish. Now that's a chilling thought. As much as I rag on Devilfish at times he does command a lot of respect in the poker world, and can play extremely well when he wants to. Nonetheless, I do not want to be Devilfish 15 years from now. I'd much rather be Freddie Carle.

Now, the first thing most of you are going to say is WTF is Freddie Carle. Well, that's kind of the point. This guy gets the absolute lot in the Vic. The cake. I'm not saying I want to take up residence in the Vic 24/7 but the point is he gets the lot in his chosen field, and no one's ever heard of him. According to legend he has never even been to Vegas. Now that's getting it quietly. And that seems to be a much more dignified way of life when one reaches the sunset years. Or even now. So from now on, keep doing what I do, take the odd shot live but don't take it too seriously, and cut down on the bragging, definitely. That's probably going to be hardest of all ...

Yeah, it's no coincidence that the GIQ blog has died a death, or is thinlyveiledbrag.blogspot.com where you're writing now?

This should be an interesting read for you.


He touches on a lot of similar topics that you have regarding the goal of the game

I think it's fine to brag, your readers are interested and mostly wishing you well and don't take it as bragging too much. Personally I find it more inspiring than arrogant. It's not like you don't keep quiet when things aren't going so well.
Hey Andy,

Interesting point - what do you do after poker? More af the same in a far more relaxed manner I suppose, as long as the wallet and in-laws can stand it!

As far as bragging goes, I have found it both highly interesting, very informative and always enjoyable in all the right ways to read how you have done so well. I remember you from the old Luon pre-internet days and would not have pegged you then as a future online shark!

Keep it up and all the best for the near and far future.
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