Tuesday, September 01, 2009


July / August Wrap

My online effort over the last two months can best be described as "half-hearted". Still, if you put the two months together it pretty much amounts to one decent month. In terms of volume anyway, nothing much happened in the way of results and I ended up making about $3K. It's funny how that's pretty much an after-tax wage for a lot of people, but in our world it's just a bit of random noise.

The only prediction I'm going to make for now is that I'm not going to make any predictions. Didn't Gazza say something like that once ? Anyway. Play when I feel like playing and hopefully make enough to keep me on the golf course the rest of the time. Of course there's a bunch of stuff going on in the next 6 weeks as the poker world comes to London, but I can take or leave it. Might play a couple of EPT side events. I will be playing the World Poker Open V in October which should be interesting. I think the "triple chips" aspect is a bit of a mirage ; it just adds a couple of levels on at the start, which you can fold through anyway if you like, especially with it being 8-handed. It'll become the 20BB-fest we know and love soon enough, which suits me obv.

The only other thing is that I've been experimenting a little with different "soundtracks" to my poker playing, but I'm going to hold back on discussing that until I work out whether the effects are placebo or actually lasting, it's quite interesting though I think.

Update : And with all this live action coming up, here's what we can look forward to : being slowrolled by Davros, Creator of the Daleks.

I hope you take it as well as the guy on the receiving end.
What happens if a 96-year-old gets through to the final table but, for once very obvious reason, fails to turn up in November. Do his chips just get blinded away? Bit of the bummer for the guy on his right?

And what happens if Davros turns up and gets a bad beat? Do the daleks arrive in force to exact retribution? How would Jamie Gold react? What would Hellmuth have to say if confronted with a Dalek in a bad mood? I think we shuld be told.
A six on the river would quite literally have killed him.
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