Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Another Late Turnaround

John Fox said something about how the best time to play was 3am on the last Friday of the month, and that playing just that hour every month wouldn't necessarily be what you wanted to do .. but it would still be profitable ! Well, if I only played the last Sunday of every month I'd have a hell of an ROI that's for sure. This time I saved my bacon (mmm bacon) in the Stars $100 rebuy, finishing 4th for $30K+change. Yes, 4th for $30K, it's a massive rebuy donkfest ! On top of a win in the Paradise E50 rebuy last Wednesday (that has to be my favourite tournament right now), that put me nicely ahead for the month, with a total buyin of $25K in 54 hours play which was a slightly better effort.

I've changed tack on what I'm listening to while playing, it's quite interesting. After trying a couple of brainwave entrainment samples that promised the world and didn't really deliver, I tried Mind Stereo which I really like (and Neuroprogrammer from the same people but that doesn't really apply to poker). Mind Stereo allows you to play music (whether from your own playlist or an internet radio station) and apply pulse modulations that are supposed to help you relax or (more appropriately for poker) concentrate/study better. To start with I was playing this sort of techno (I don't know what it is exactly, trance maybe) for the first half of the session, and then ambient for the second. On Sunday I switched to ambient all the way through, which seemed to work, being result oriented :-). Seriously it's hard to tell whether it's listening to background music with which I'm not familiar or the actual pulse modulation but I do seem to focus better and for longer. It could even be a placebo (not the band Placebo they suck), but what the hell, if a placebo helps me make $30K then bring it on. It turns out both the stations I was listening to are part of Soma FM FWIW. The Drone Zone is my favourite. I should throw them a bone really, 1% or something.

Anyway that's it for me this month. You'll notice no liveaments, screw them. Well I might play the £500 8-Game next week, but seeing as I couldn't be bothered to show up for the £2K, don't count on it. And gg ul to the Camel who busted 11th in the WSOP-E. Could have been worse, how tilting would it have been if Sheringham had won it ?

Woke up at 3am. Decided to play some Pokerstars. Put on Soma FM. Was $300 within seven hands, including a gross misplaying of QQ vs KK. However, have persevered. Got most of it back. I'm beginning to appreciate Trance/Ambient, although most of the stuff on here was rather bland American-style stuff. Klaus Schulze does some good stuff, more left-field, so perhaps not so great for poker-playing. Neu! and Amon Duul are my stock-in-trade along with Klaus, plus Popel Duh (most known for Werner Herzog soundtracks).
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