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Software (2)

OK so before I got sidetracked owning Daniel Negreanu and rubbing $100s on my chest, I was talking about software. The two programs I have found useful with multi-tabling are Table Ninja (for Stars) and Full Tilt Shortcuts (for Full Tilt ldo).

Table Ninja was much easier to set up to work how I want it to, but after a couple of days of tweaking, FTS is now up to speed. If you have/pick up FTS and you want to use overlapping tables, the best bet is to go to the Table1 tab and set it up as follows :

- Highlight the Active Table with Pending Action
- Highlight (non-active) Tables with Pending Action
- Select "Activate the Next Table with Pending Action"
- Activate the Table the Mouse is Over

and leave everything else blank. That pretty much causes the correct table to come up and stay up until you've done something. Both of these allow you to set bet sizing to a reasonable default and tweak using the mouse wheel if required, which is great. TN lets you select a button to mash when you want to go all in (I use "Insert") which rules, but I can't seem to make FTS do that. Anyway both of these are recommended for multi-tabling. One gripe with FTS is that it can display your M on screen, which would be great, if it simply got it right. Half the time with antes in play it doesn't, so that actually costs you time because you look at it and then have to re-check it anyway.

They're both good for cash and/or Sit and Goes as well, when you set them up for SNGs they're great for auto-opening more tables when you're playing, which used to be the bane of my SNG life. Needless to say though, once I had one of "those" SNG sessions at the weekend I decided they weren't the future (again) after all, that always happens.

Those were the only two packages I shelled out for in the end, the others I tried didn't come up to scratch. Tournament Shark is a nice idea, in that it will automatically display buyin/ROI stats for every player at the table, unfortunately it clearly makes no attempt to calculate rebuy tournaments properly, which is enough for me to give it a miss. If you need to, you can use ThePokerDB to paste an HH into a box and it displays all the players' stats at once (usually), and it looks much more accurate to me.

If anyone likes any other add-ons or scripts that I haven't mentioned, do chip in with a comment !

Playlist 6

Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Presidents Of The USA - Presidents Of The USA
Smashing Pumpkins - MACHINA: The Machines Of God
Midnight Oil - Diesel And Dust
Blur - 13
Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
Some more Bach
Some more Gregorian Chants

Your playlists are great. They remind of things I haven't heard for ages. Chris Isaak's Wicked Game for example. What a song!

The makers of FTS now have a product called Poker Shortcuts that works on both Tilt and Stars, I find it better than Table Ninja for Stars.

To get 'Insert' working as a bet pot key on FTS or Poker Shortcuts, you have to actually type the word 'Insert' into the relevant field.

Also, from reading your blog entry, not sure whether you realise you can turn off the 'M' display by using the checkboxes on the 'Displays' tab.

Best of variance in the ME, looking forward to lots of extra blog posts,

Andrew J
Thanks Andrew,

I'll check PS out when I'm back - and yes I have switched the M display off, I am a software nit though and it's always frustrating to see a feature that could have been very good with a little more effort.

And glad you like the playlist Anon, I was frankly expecting a lot of shit from these but either they aren't that cheesy or no one cares :-)

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