Monday, July 06, 2009


Let Us Gogogogo

We're up to bat today then. 5 levels for us, and I expect to be 10-handed to start with at least. I've slept better with each night and feel OK at the moment, I did kind of conk out yesterday at 6-30pm so I hope I can do better than that - at least that coincides with the dinner break anyway.

I don't really mind what happens, in terms of results, I'll just try to focus on playing well and enjoying it. Process >>> results. Eckhart Tolle says so and Dr Bob Rotella agrees. This is easy to say when I've been getting the absolute online, but I'd have to go so deep in this to win a life-changing amount that it's super unlikely, plus my life is awesome so I probably don't even want to change it anyway. It's going to be mad today (at the least the field will be capped at 2700 and I expect them to squeeze more in somehow) so good luck finding any updates, but I'll try to update Facebook at dinner and on here at close of play. If not before, hopefully :-)

BTW I'll be starting on Brasilia 158 and wearing a T-shirt with "ZOMG" written on it if anyone wants to stop by.

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