Saturday, July 11, 2009



Sigh. Frustrating but there wasn't much I could do really. Briefly and without trying to spin anything :

- Moved up to 150K after turning a full house OOP, could maybe have made some more but meh
- Lost flip when old guy inexplicably raise-called 20BBs with Q9s. I had A3s but lost.
- 3-bet an UTG raiser with KQs, thought it would look strong enough to fold out most of his range and I have a flexible hand if I get called. Apparently not as he called with 22. Flop Q92, check behind/call/(perhaps questionably) call. Annoying because he only wins the hand if he flops a 2, and he only makes more than one bet if I flop top pair as well. None of which gets me my chips back.
- Drain down to 30 missing and getting played back at on every flop
- Snap Hevad Khan's SB push with K9 and chop with his K6
- Open-jam a couple, then re-ship 18BBs with K9s, he calls TT, it holds gg.

Which is a shame because my first table was really soft. Major donktastic action again and again. But it was the kind of over-aggressive donkery that you need a hand to punish, and I didn't find one. Ho hum. I wasn't bothered about min-cashing anyway, and I'd need one hell of a lot more luck than that to go deep. I'll see if I can change flights and come back on Monday. Ehhh, or I might stay (till Friday), play some US timezone online.

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