Monday, June 15, 2009


You Wait Two Years ...

... and then two come along all at once. Congrats to Roland on winning the $5K PLO8 last night. I heard the interview he did with the Poker Show just prior to the final and he sounded really sharp and focussed. While Roland himself said that he had played "less than an hours PLO8 in his life", again, it just goes to show that if you know tournaments and you can play poker well generally, the game doesn't really matter.

With two bracelets and two 3rd place finishes (Ben Grundy and Michael Greco well done to them too), while I always take the view that poker is an individual game and nationality shouldn't really come into it, hopefully this will spur other UK players to step their game up. I'm starting to wish I was there myself, but we'll have a go at it next year maybe. I will be there for the ME, annoyingly I had a great chance to win a package on Boyle last night but for some reason I stopped doing what was working so well and made a couple of loose calls that cost me dearly. I did enjoy playing it though, perhaps I will put some more effort into online satellites in future, especially for stuff like WSOP-E and EPT London.

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