Monday, June 22, 2009


Six Times A Night

I stepped it up a notch last night after being inspired by watching Jon Spinks' video on Pokerswat where he plays 20 tables. And does the video commentary ! Pretty impressive. I thought if he could manage that I could squeeze in a couple more tables. I downloaded some software to help with that, which I'll go into in a later post, some of it was very good, some not so much. FYI that's software that makes table selection and mouse input easier, nothing that suggests plays or anything like that. Anyway, while 10 tables was the most I could manage, I cashed a personal best (as far as I can remember) 6 times ; 3 min-cashes plus $5600 for 2nd in the Tilt $69 6-max, $7500 for 6th in the Ongame major and a WSOP seat on Stars that I'm cashing for $12K.

I think the extra tables helped me push through that "dead zone" I find in online MTTs where there's like 3x the players to be paid left and my attention starts to wander. Having 4-5 tables open at this point instead of 2-3 really helps. And of course more volume = more money as long as you still play well enough. The WSOP seat was nice, binked the Double Shootout on Stars. Even when you cash it in, it's somehow more satisfying than winning the same amount elsewhere. Cashing it is obvious because I already have an arrangement with Boyles, but even if that wasn't the case, I'd advise anyone who has the option to cash it, play as a free agent and you're almost certain to get a better deal if you make it deep (if you even want a deal), now there's no extra incentive up front.

I'm glad I'm not out there now, it's starting to sound pretty testy. To get a fair picture of the WSOP you need to be following players from the start, not as they pop up on the final table. Just reading, say, Pokernews gives you the latter and it's very misleading. Checking out, say, Blackbelt or the Hitsquad (or many more) shows you the picture without result bias. From my POV, clearing $40K here in a month has helped as well :-). Having said that of course, gl to Neil and Barny in the shootout today, and Padraig in the PLO.

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