Thursday, June 04, 2009


Desperate But Not Serious

If you didn't already know how desperate ESPN are to stomp all over the game just for ratings, news from Vegas courtesy of Padraig Parkinson. Even in the "Tournament of Champions", they changed the final table to 10-handed to ensure that Hellmuth was on it. With 1100 chips. Which he lost in the first hand.

The first time this happened I was quite angry about it, now, really, what can you do but laugh. Even in this rinky-dink joke of a "tournament" that was basically designed by ESPN to ensure they had some "faces" to work with, they still had to fuck about with it to get the desired result. Serve them right that McEvoy and Varkonyi, two of the most faceless, characterless and moderate players from the whole roster (and that's saying something) made it through to heads up. Padraig throws in that they did this for Chris Ferguson in a $1500 comp last year as well (something I was unaware of), but again, by now, who gives a fuck. So why am I blogging about it you may well ask, well just to let you know how low they can go :-)

Back in the real world, I'm thinking about taking Pokerstars off the schedule for a while. I'm $18K down on there this year, but the real reason is that the play on there is so different to all the Euro sites [1] I find myself constantly switching back from one mindset to another when I'm trying to play, and I think it's costing me EV all round.

[1] Full Tilt is kind of in between the two and much less of a problem.

In the final table Jesus was involved in last year (the first $1,500 NL donkament), the final day started with 18 players as they finished at 6am that morning. One fortunate thing about the final table being televised with 10 left, not being subjected to Perry Friedman's poor Senor Wences imitation as he was out in 11th, while Jesus was 6th in the chips. When play resumed, a player was out on hand 1.
How's the PLO cash going? And is the mindset for that affecting your NLH play? Asking partly because I'm a solid NL 109-216 SNG player who spun up briefly but lucratively on PLO before cashing it out because the pretty-cards gambool and the different type of edge-pushing was screwing up my main game (plus I'm not sure I knew completely what I was doing but got lucky enough before I got properly bit and bustoed)...anyway interested to know how you found it if you went through with it.
Oh yeah ... I forgot about that :-).

No, that didn't last very long. I didn't lose a ton of money or anything, I just realised, as I usually do with these things, that there was so far to go before I could make the same amount of money as I do in MTTs that it really wasn't worth it.

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