Monday, June 29, 2009



Shipped the Warm-Up last night, which was nice. I'll blog in some more detail later on, as I was up playing it till 3-30 and didn't get much sleep after that, but obviously that feels really good. It's the first tournament of any import that I've won on Stars. It was funny, every time I was all in it seemed to be a flip, and I won them all obv. There were some cool hands in the final, especially heads up, so I'll let you know when the replay is up on Stars, I'm not sure if it will have commentary or not but there should be some version with all hole cards shown. So I'm definitely on a break for the rest of the week, prior to Vegas (flying out on Friday).

Playlist 4 (#3 was the lucky playlist last night BTW)

Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
Killers - Hot Fuss
Rush - Permanent Waves
Hepburn - Hepburn (lol)
Bjork - Post
Madonna - Ray Of Light
Tori Amos - Boys For Pele
Neil Young - After The Gold Rush
Jeff Buckley - Grace
The Benedictine Monks Of St James - Gregorian Chants (Disc One)

I say, Andy, nice one. GL in LV. That should give you some balla street cred when you arrive, anyway. (Except that six-figure wins online are obviously worth less than a five-figure win live. Must be, 'cos there's no TV coverage).
Nice hand sir and best of luck in Vegas. Another Brit bracelet?
Well played. In a strange sort of way I hoped you had been led home by Neil Young, Jeff Buckley and the Benedictine Monks. Never mind Keep on Rockin

Well done Andy.

Nice one Andy.
Good luck in Vegas.

Congrats wp gg and all the best in Vegas. And thanks for the Pokerswat material, invaluable stuff...
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