Monday, June 01, 2009


Another Late Winner

This is at least the third time I've pulled out a big score in the very last tournament of the month. I picked up 3rd in the Ongame "ChampionChip" $200 freezeout, for $20K. It was a touch disappointing not to win after having a monster chip lead through the final table, but I lost an unavoidable 2 million chip flip (AdQ vs 8d8 on 743ddd flop) and then ran 88 into AA soon after. Ongame tournaments are quite strange, 10-handed, no antes, and usually an average stack of around 15BBs towards the business end. This doesn't sound very promising, but in practice if you chip up and get ahead of the game in these you can crush. People raise/fold like they never would on Stars any more, play super-weak around bubbles and generally suck.

I was already scratching out another $5-6K month before that, so it ended up as a good one. I'm also vaguely tracking how much I win/lose (hopefully win after that) online during the WSOP and that counts :-). Although these things are swamped by variance in any one night, I did make an effort to stay focussed about 3-4 hours into the session, when I often start thinking "fuck it, let's try to double up" and take too many marginal, or even -EV, shots.

What We Learned This Month

As above about making an effort to stay focussed at the right time. I'm also playing better with a 30BB+ stack, by really thinking about what a bet's going to achieve (make worse hand call or better hand fold) and just checking when neither works. I still have to work on acting without thinking when I have a good hand and get min-raised or something, but we're getting there.

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