Sunday, May 24, 2009


Vegas !

Booked the flight this morning, to cover the Main Event and the $5K at Venetian if I'm out of the ME. The indecision was playing on my mind so I thought I'd better just do it :-). Worst case I have to cancel and I can still change the flight to next year.

They have changed the payout structure in the ME this year ; I wouldn't say "fixed" but it's an improvement. Apparently they were all set on arsing it up again until Greenstein rolled up and said "you guys need any help with that ?". According to the internet (so it must be true) they were trying to do it by hand. FFS, have they not even heard of spreadsheets ? Anyway, sort of 14th-6th is quite flat, which is potentially fantastic if you're on the last two tables and not too bothered/delusional about how much sponsorship $ the FT is worth. That should be the bubble of all bubbles. And seeing as nobody got Tonya Harding-d last year in the delay, that just about swings it. I'll probably stay in the Venetian, and as I said below, accept what I need to accept about how it all works and enjoy it.

I think Venetian is a good choice, if your budget won't stretch to the Gold Coast :-)

Traffic/waiting for a cab might be minor hassles. Possibly rent car? If I were in one hotel and had to go to another one quite often, car rental would be a must -- partly because it doesnn't work out much more expensive than cabs.

Please get Channing in Gondolier with Andy Black and send photo....
The title of the article at states:

"WSOP Director Says 2009 Payout Structure The Best Yet"

Sort of like how Commissioner Pollack states that this year's WSOP will be the best ever, until next year.
Drive in Vegas ? ZOMG No ! I haven't driven over here for about 3 years. The last thing I want to do is start out there with their crazy right-side driving and red lights that you can turn left through !

As for the WSOP, amusing rumour today that twittering will be banned. Normally something I'd support, but of course this would in fact be to appease all the updaters who have paid through the nose to get hands wrong and turn gossip molehills into mountains.

Strange they say that when there are at least 3 separate Twitter accounts the WSOP will be using. I assume they're meaning no Tweeting at the table.
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