Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Vegas ?

I might go out to Vegas for 10 days after all. I'm so indecisive. Or am I ? But it's quite tempting because there are certain things I can do to make it more enjoyable, as follows :

- Man up and play some bigger comps. If I want to spin up $30K, do it in like 6 tournaments in 10 days instead of drakking around playing $1500s for 5 weeks. The fields will probably be tougher but then again lol donkaments, plus smaller fields makes for a better chance of a final table run.

- Stay somewhere other than the Rio. Wynn/Venetian are only a $10 cab ride away and then if I'm not playing I can just chill, not bad places to hang out !

- Ignore everything I don't like about it and accept what I can't ignore. That's the way it is.

- Book for 10-14 days and come back if I haven't won anything. If I hit big, stay out and live it large !

I might leave it late. Hotels shouldn't be a problem and if I have to pay a grand extra for a late flight, what's that compared to the spinup anyway !

Update : Surprisingly, I changed my mind again. Looking at Main Event / Venetian $5K if bust out / holiday if bust out of that, for about 2 weeks.

Your previous post was correct. You do have an EZ life. I wanna go now....
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