Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Calling All Sickos

I received an Email today telling me about the latest poker software aid. If you sign up to this service, you will be Emailed or text messaged any time a particular player sits at an online cash table. What I loved was the reasons they gave why anyone would want this :

"Whether you are looking for your friends, keeping tabs on one of your horses, or just want to know when your favorite pro has signed on to an online poker room"

Super lol. As if anyone would use this for anything except being messaged when the Guy Laliberte of their stakes sits down ! It takes bumhunting to a new level. When you reach this point, maybe you need to take a look at your life IMO. Imagine teeing off at the 14th, or perusing the dessert menu, when the text arrives. Drop everything ! I could make a slightly higher hourly rate than normal !

Meanwhile I finished 12th in the 100 rebuy again last night. And 7th and 13th in a couple of turbos, FML. Having lots more fun with the UTG reraise dynamic. Last night someone click-4 bet me from UTG and I totally fell for it, he had AA. slkedfsklfnslkdfn.

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