Thursday, April 30, 2009


Post Post Match Analysis

Thanks for all the comments on the post below, it seems there are more people lurking on here than I thought :-). Keith also started a thread about it on blondepoker which I was directed to just now, and thanks again for the nice things people said on there. In addition to Flushy below, a couple of people on blonde suggested "click 4-betting" as I believe the kids call it. One commenter said click 4-betting only turns my hand into a bluff if I'm a nit, to which I would say, hello I'm Andy and I play 13/9 :-) [1]

Maybe if I play a few more 100 rebuys I'll have a better idea of the dynamic, for now I freely concede that I could be quite out of touch as to what peoples' ranges actually are in these situations. On reflection I'll change my final recommendation slightly, and say that with [KK-JJ] you can probably mix 50/50 calls and jams. Or in other words, after all that, it doesn't really matter what you do with Jacks. Math is idiotic indeed ...

[1] Or in other words yes, I'm a nit

Update : Tonight I final tabled the 100 rebuy (coughturbocough). At one point someone 3-bet my UTG raise with about the same stacks and I was all set to shove it in his eye when a short stack called behind, so I bailed out. 3-bettor had KTo :-). Soon afterwards the same situation came up on Betfair, I jammed my 77 and ran smack into Aces. Doh !! Against good players ! Not Betfair donks !

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