Wednesday, April 01, 2009


March Round-Up

Well March was a bit of a write-off in the end, as expected. I dropped £3500 in the Vic (sample size 4 tournaments) and $5500 online (sample size a barely more significant 45 tournaments). As I mentioned below, the live tournaments were surprisingly enjoyable [1], albeit not the value they used to be. At one point on my immediate left (in the PLO8) I had Messrs Shoreman, Sunar, Parker and Wernick. On the plus side, I made £120 playing cash. That should iron out those tournament swings !

No change to the plan going forward. Play when I feel like it. That means saying No to "I'm going out tomorrow, so I should play tonight" and equally No to "well I'm definitely playing tomorrow so I should give it a miss today". I can change that plan if I need money. Right now I don't, even after spending it like a teenage Arab for two weeks. Which I should do more often. As for the WSOP, when the time comes, if I want to go, I'll jump on a plane. Till then I won't play any satellites. Unless I want to. EZ life.

Of course we can only take such a hedonistic position if we're playing entirely off our own shilling, so I will be off to Dublin on a jolly next week for the Irish Open. I think I can handle the imposition though :-)

[1] Not an April Fool. Who could compete with Newcastle United anyway ?

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