Saturday, April 11, 2009


Made Day 2 !!!!1!1!11

In the Irish Open that is. For the first time in a while in a decent live comp. I'm pretty much freerolling after a hand in I think level 2 where I limped UTG with 44, caused a limpfest, flopped a set, and then my opponent turned a straight but let me off for about 2K. It was strange because he played well after that ; when I spoke to him briefly at the end of the day he immediately said that he had played that hand quite badly. After having to fold QQ on a T high board on the river (his line was a super-weird flop raise, turn check behind, river raise) I was down to 6K.

After that though I never showed a hand as I chipped up without running into anything big enough to call me, and from a high point of 16K I ended the day with 12.5, blinds will be 400/800-50 today. 15BBs, right in the sweet spot :-). It was another fun day, albeit a fairly tough table in regards to the standard of play. Today we'll be gambling LDO, and if we catch a double up or two then it's game on. If I'm really lucky I'll make it to the TV table, then I'm bound to run good. You should be able to find a live stream somewhere via

Update : Busto within the first level today, I squeezed with 88 to move up to 17, then shortly afterwards I tried a re-steal against the same initial raiser, and he called me with A9. Good call, wrong man for me to try it against :-). I was still super-live with Q6s but somehow didn't get there.

I've also decided to come off 2+2 for a while, see if I prefer that, I expect I will, inasmuch as I care at all about anything on there now the ratio of annoyance : amusement is about 4:1 (or maybe 9:2), I mean really, I don't care about 99.9 percent of the people on there and should pay more attention to myself and my friends, which is hopefully what I'm going to do (similar thoughts apply to QPR and football but that's hardly on topic in this blog !).

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