Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Asking The Wrong Question

Moderately interesting thread on 2+2 here :

What can the Bellagio do to get their tourney players back

Basically the Bellagio has had puffballs blowing through it for the prelims to the WPT 25K at the end of the month. A $5K event attracted 27 runners and paid 3 places. Obviously there are a lot of contributory factors to this, the economy LDO, and it's not really any concern of mine anyway. Unfortunately the guy who started this thread is the majorly tiltworthy Chainsaw.

If I ever do call myself the King of the Nits, it can only ever be a joke because this guy is the fucking Sith Lord Emperor of the Nits in Perpetuity throughout the Universe. He's that guy who's always bending the TD's ear for more levels, smaller antes and longer rounds, all for "the good of the game", or in actuality to give him more time to sit there waiting for Aces.

In the end I cracked and had to wade in, although as you can see I did make an effort not to be too personal. I soon regretted this as another 2+2 nemesis of mine, Todd Terry, soon had me up in front of the beak for the admittedly vague statement "winning players prefer to play online irrespective of structure". If I had inserted the crucial word "should" it would have been much closer to what I meant, so fair enough I suppose, but really, if anyone can't beat online tournaments for more than they beat live, per hour, then they're doing it wrong (online that is).

Which is all by the by. As Chainsaw & co are actually at the Bellagio and I'm not, I am forced to concede that they are more entitled to talk about changing structures and whatnot. The point I really want to make is that the thread is totally asking the wrong question. Have another look. He's basically saying "How can we make things change so that everything is back the way it was before ?". A much better question would be "How should I adapt to the current changes ?", and indeed, teaching a man to fish rather than giving him a fish to eat, "How should I adapt to all changes in the poker environment on an ongoing basis ?".

And those are questions we can't answer in one line. Except in a negative sense. In that one wrong way to adapt is by stalling on the bubble in online tournaments. You can take the nit out of the Bellagio ...

The ironic thing about Chainsaw's post is that he made it from Foxwoods.
I'm just back from the Bellagio.

All the players you would normally expect to play these tournaments are around.

They are just upstairs in their rooms playing SCOOP.
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