Thursday, April 23, 2009


Almost Enough

When Henry Ford, who was (in real terms and all that stuff) richer than Bill Gates at the time, was asked how much money he needed, he said "Just a little more". And it is hard to stop. But nights like last night certainly help. After feeling really good all week (physically), last night I found myself propping my eyes open with toothpicks at 1am, trying to get out of it in the 100 rebuy on iPoker. And I was playing so badly. In the end of course I donked out 12th for a loss of $4 on the tournament and, more appositely, $2K plus on the evening. Then I couldn't sleep and felt like shit for half the day today.

I'm not going to make any definitive statements as to stopping this or playing that instead, but I am going to cut the poker down over the summer. I really haven't been playing well this year but have still made decent money somehow [1]. It might be a good idea to cut out grinding the workaday tournaments that go on till 3am for a while at least, before I do it all back. What I said here is pretty good for a start, I may try 6-max PLO rather than NL cash but whatever. Working on my golf game for a few months instead isn't going to send me broke.

[1] No wait, LOL donkaments, that's how.

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