Sunday, March 22, 2009


News From The Front

I finally played some actual tournaments, the PLO8 on Friday and the 500 Double Chance NL yesterday. I made it through half the field in both before losing the various flips and allins that you have to fade in tournaments, but think I played pretty well, especially in the NL. I even managed to get away from one hand that I'd never have passed online, but I'm 99% sure that my read was good and I played the hand correctly considering who my opponent was.

I have been surprised how much fun it's been so far, maybe I've just been lucky with the table draws :-). I've been making a few plays and trying to push the envelope a little bit, which has at least kept me interested and kept people guessing so that's all good. The plan from here is to play the 300 one rebuy on Tuesday and the Main Event (1500) on Thursday, and maybe mix in a little cash action in between.

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