Thursday, March 12, 2009


Join me LOLing at Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth bitches like ... well, a bitch, quite frankly

An online chat session is good if it has one or two diamond lines - this one has at least six. Sample :

"PHILHELLMUTH: why U three bet with 6-5?
PHILHELLMUTH: U wanna play bad so be it
PHILHELLMUTH: Ill play even tighter
HOSS_TBF: sweet heavens xmas has come early"

Incidentally I played against Hoss_TBF in a limit tournament last summer, he was a cool guy, and he knocked me out IIRC. But now he's even cooler.

My word. What a prince that man is.

You've not had the pleasure of playing him yet, have you Andy? I'm sure that'd give you some fuel for the blog...
Unfortunately I can't take the high ground there. I have played with Phil for a total of 10 minutes in an Omaha 8 comp (probably in Tunica). During this time I misread my hand twice and was knocked out ...

Well, that's to be expected surely, when you're playing two hands at once with twice as many cards! I have enough trouble with two cards and one hand...
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