Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When Reads Go Wrong 2

Devilfish is at it again in this week's Premier League. Holding 42cc on a board of 99xxx three clubs, Devilfish bets his flush only to fold to Juha Helppi's min-raise (with Ace high) getting better than 5-1 odds. I'm going to give Juha full credit for knowing his opponent here ; he knows that Devilfish backs his reads 100%, as I said last month, and he wins the "battle of levels" by knowing that Devilfish will think that the minimum raise can't be a bluff.

Sometimes people knock the "math call" on the river when you sigh and pay someone off getting these odds, but if opponents know you'll make that call, then they can't pull this cheap bluff. On top of that, if they do try to bluff you when you have the nuts (or as good as), then you stack them because they know the min-raise won't do the job.

The Premier League has been quite entertaining so far but this was a pretty tilting episode, we had Hellmuth on commentary again (I thought they all did one each ?), and Annette was understandably annoyed with Devilfish when she reraised him 12BBs allin with AQ and he's like "lol, KK, I tarped you with my live pro speech play mind games". Hellmuth of course makes some retarded comment about "if you have to go allin with AQ there, which I don't". These guys are just so full of themselves, they still seem to think that it's all about advanced psychology when everyone has 15 blinds. Oh well, it sets a good example to the masses I suppose :-)

Very good assesment - it is frustrating when "faces" try and lecture you on plays which just have to happen...

Hellmuth would have folded and waited to get 3bb (or whatever it was at that WSOPFT) with AA and bragged about his genius

Hellmuth does come across as a total tool sometimes, but I guess its his image that he's marketing at the end of the day.

I think he made a retarded play later on in the Premier League when he limp folded with 4BB or something like against Tom Dwan
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