Saturday, January 31, 2009


January Wrap

Still not sure whether I'm going to give you actual $ numbers this year. Maybe I won't. But in the absence of any big scores, you can generally assume that I'm grinding at around 30-40% ROI, on average. That sounds crap, but remember it's without the big scores. The biggest 2 or 3 scores you pick up will generally constitute a big wedge of your profit in MTTs, over whatever period of time, if not all of it. I didn't win anything disproportionately big last year, but even so the two biggest results accounted for half my profit.

I was certainly in that ballpark this month ; the good thing was I smashed all existing personal bests for volume. 200+ tournaments, $50K+ buyins and 100+ hours (if barely in each case). Having said that my previous record hours/month was 96, last January. We'll see if I can maintain the level a bit better this year.

Anyway, if December was the month of Full Tilt, then January was the month of iPoker, where I ran red hot, mostly in their various 2045 (GMT) tournaments. I do recommend these, you can even pick up an overlay on occasion. I also did quite well on Party, but basically did my bollocks on Stars, as usual lately ... oh well, at least I don't live in the land of the free, so I have more than two sites to play on. Oh, and I picked up a $500 bonus on Party. But don't get too excited, that was for cashing in all the points I have earned since the year dot. At this rate I'll get another $500 in about 2017.

What we learned this month

A ton of stuff. Just a ton. That's what has really been most satisfying this month. I'm using Pokertracker again (while kicking myself for doing without it for so long), and using that to help me make a bunch of reads and take player-specific lines. As I said last month, I'm moving away from "standard 2+2" lines, and trying to exploit these lines in others / misrepresent my hand by playing in a non-standard way, when appropriate. I can't be more specific at the moment, sorry.

Into February

The kitchen isn't going to be done till March, so I should be able to crack on for this month at least. I am playing the next TV 6-max which is being filmed this month, I haven't had the full draw yet but once again there are a few more faces in it than I would have expected. As long as I can dodge Annette and Neil I like my chances though, and even then we'd be flipping in that format.

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