Monday, December 01, 2008


November Wrap

Unless I pull something off deep, deep in injury time (one tournament still playing, 250 runners left) it's going to will end up have been a slightly frustrating month. Lots of nerdy 7th and 12th place finishes with only one decent score, 2nd on Ladbrokes (in a chip count because they were taking the server down lol) for $9700. So with just one late result to come, it's $40.5K in, $34.0K out for a $6500 loss. Meh, I can live with two winning months and two losing months when it goes +88, -13, +52, -7 . At least I put good volume in, although the festivals (GSOP, ECOOP, FTOPS) all helped with that and I did next to nothing in them in terms of results.

What we've learned

Not sure it's all that much really, which is a disappointment. I've been playing more aggressively on the various bubbles, which is good, as I was in danger of slipping into bubble-wussiness at one point, but it hasn't really paid off because I haven't caught the breaks in finals. Certainly for spells I haven't been playing all that well, and maybe need to slow down and avoid super-marginal spots where my estimates of peoples' ranges are a bit off. Anyway, I've just run AK into KK so that's a definite final score, and at least I can go to bed.

I know I'm going to get no volume in at all till next Sunday so $30K is maybe even an optimistic target for volume next month. If I end up having a new kitchen fitted I might as well write the month off almost entirely, but we'll see what happens.

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