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If any of you were wondering what the second thing was, it's the launch of the Pokerswat training site. I am one of the video instructors on the site and I'm quite excited about this going live and getting up to speed.

As you can see on the front page, there are three free sample videos so I'd encourage you to check these out. When you click on one of these, it will initially seem to not do anything but just give it a little while and the content will appear. My own video here is specifically aimed at beginners, so bear that in mind !

So have a look around, explore the site, and when it comes to considering signing up, there is one thing I'd like to say. I've gained considerable benefit from joining a couple of existing training sites over the last 18 months or so, and have no doubt in saying that the subscriptions I have paid have been returned at the tables tens, if not hundreds, of times over. Someone posted on 2+2 that when you initally look at a training site you think "Why is it so expensive ?". Then after a few months of using it you think "Why is it so cheap ?" ! And that's spot on IMO.

I'm very happy with the content I've submitted to the site so far (including a live recording of a $65K tournament win) and I'm looking forward to checking out the other videos from some very highly regarded players. So, advertisement over :-), and of course I can answer any questions either here or on the Pokerswat forum.

Hi Andy:
Only PayPal there at the moment, so I'll wait for the Neteller option.
I watched about half of tradeho's heads-up video, and my first conclusion was how poor some 5/10 HU NL players are.
There's a lot to be learnt there, although Tradeho is a good poker player, but not so good a teacher. As with so many good poker players, he has not articulated in his own head what it is that makes him good. At one point when he tries to explain a concept he actually pauses and says "it's kinda hard to explain". The video would have benefited from some editing and some focusing on key hands. However, I think that I prefer it the way it is, because the viewer has to bring some effort to the video to take away the key points.

I'm seriously tempted to take the plunge into heads up -- bypassing 6-max altogether. However at the moment I'm doing well in the full ring games, and it's difficult to quit while ahead. There's some $400 Full Ring games on one site at the weekend (three or so) that play like the weekend $100 buy-in games on Stars and Full Tilt.

However, heads-up looks like a good intellectual challenge that I might actually enjoy -- and it also gets rid of any risk of collusion against you. I now hesitate to join any game with three people from the same country sitting at it, should that country have a relatively small population.

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