Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Making Hay While The Snow Falls (Extreme Brag Post)

As noted previously, I was already having a good month going into Sunday. Stars changed their schedule in the middle of the day, rather annoyingly, which buggered up my plans so I didn't play the Million but decided to play the $215 Heads Up for a laugh, last tournament of the night. I figured that reading Moshman's Heads Up book (which is very good) made me an expert. And it turns out it did, 7 wins on the bounce before losing the final netted me $7K and change.

Then on Monday I had a really good night, making final tables on Betfair (4th), Paradise (4th) and Ongame (ship it). The Ongame $50 Rebuy was very nice, one of those tournaments when it all goes right. I won a huge pot AA over QQ with 12 left and was never threatened in the final. This late flurry saw me up to $34.9K in buyins, returning $87.4K gross and $52.5K net on the month. It's the first month in some time where my profit has been significantly more than the biggest single win. I even managed to cash some out at $1.55 on Monday before the bounce later in the week. I know, I know, MBN.

What We Learned This Month

Nothing specific tactically, just sharpening up my reads all the time and acting on them with more confidence. With the new setup, it was good to play too many tables for a night or two just to adjust. It's like the fable of the overcrowded house and the wise men telling them to take a goat in for a couple of weeks. Then when they kick it out again, everything's great. Or was it a song ? Anyway, settling back to 12-14 tournaments a night, generally no more than 8-tabling at once, is now relatively comfortable and doesn't impact on decision making too much. I'm playing much more efficiently now (adding in the turboes has helped), in January my (total buyins/hours played) was $270 whereas it's been over $500 for each of the last two months. Of course if you busted out of everything in 10 minutes that number would be huge, so you have to be sensible with that, but I think it's a good indicator that throughput is much better.

So I'm feeling confident going into the TV donkament on Friday, but what the hell anyway, it's only $6K (if you made it this far through the bragging I hope you can take that one) and we'll just see what happens.

My God! I've been reading your blog since before you were considering going pro. It was actually the first blog I ran across where I thought, "This guy's got half a clue". But I still don't see how one keeps from getting burned out. No way would I be able to force myself to put in that volume every night. At a job you always have the fear of getting fired hanging over your head to keep you motivated.
best post in ages andy, nothing wrong with not giq on the blog, it's partly what's it's for now surely. Love the goat analogy, very good.
Congrats on the win sir, should be a great blog about this one...
Just regarding the first comment, I couldn't put that volume in every night either - I have a lot of respect for guys like Moorman who are and so are deservedly getting the lot. But 3 times a week I can just about do, and it should be 4 really.

Thank you for the other kind comments ! I'm not sure what I'm going to do about blogging this TV tournament I might wait till it's being shown, but I will at some point.

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