Wednesday, October 01, 2008


EPT London (Standard)

Bah. Never got going in this one. Found myself in some awkward situations where I preferred to cut my losses out of position deepish-stacked, but couldn't help wondering if one guy in particular was calling me in position just to take it away later. Nonetheless he, and pretty much everyone else on my initial table who I thought was good, busted before I did, and the table egg had all the chips when it broke.

I drakked around 6-8K for ages shipping and re-shipping without ever finding anything big, and eventually pushed 14 BBs with T8cc on top of Eric Liu's open-raise. He wasn't in a steal position but he was very active so I thought it was worth a shot. He called with KK, the flop Td9d8d gave me a shot but the fourth diamond on the turn made his flush. The fifth on the river was just rubbing it in.

I'm not going to get too far in a field of 600 runners containing a lot of quality without better luck than that, but I still wonder if I could have done a bit more with what I had. Whatever, at least I have all weekend to get it back online :-)

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