Monday, October 20, 2008



Had an enjoyable three days in Ireland for the Boyle Sports IPO. I liked the structure of the main event, although they had two (logical) days to run through 1300 people there was still some deep stack play at the beginning. I started off much better than I ever have done with 10K chips in the past - still, this is probably at least somewhat correlated with the buyin ($200 rather than $10K). When I flopped two pair after a button raise and convinced my opponent to disbelieve me and double me up to 40K, I was in decent shape. Then I doubled two opponents up in unavoidable pre-flop coups, but made it back to 40 with two double-ups of my own. Then I took a pretty gross beat in an 80K pot to cripple me to 1.5BB and they disappeared on the next hand, gg.

My bad beat was put into perspective on Sunday when a lady told us an unfortunate tale of how she was, most harshly, mistaken for Kathy Liebert by two French guys. That's just mean IMO. But you've probably heard that one already, given the poker media's resemblance to snarling hyenas when it comes to fighting over the one amusing anecdote that pops up during the average 3-day tournament.

As for me, if I'm going to travel much more in the next year I'm going to have to prepare a bit better. 4am sessions in the bar don't really do it for me any more, and TBH nor does sightseeing. I can't really buy schlepping into town just to go "ooh look, a building". I thought it would be a nice change to go without my laptop for 3 days but in fact it was just irritating not to have it :-). 700 pages of Stephen King filled the gaps, just about, but overall there was a real buzz about the place, you could tell people were really up for playing a big international-style tournament for $200 and that was the great thing about it. I'd definitely recommend it next year if that's more your budget, and even if it's not quite frankly.

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