Sunday, September 28, 2008


Vic £1500 (Standard)

This was a B-list field if I ever saw one. That's not meant as an insult ; there were quite a few of the decent/sensible players skipping Leicester Square to play this one. This was a double chance format where you can take the extra stack at any time in the first 2 hours ; I elected not to, in order to avoid doing the lot on a massive brain freeze and general deep-stack sucking.

Apart from launching 100BB in pre-flop vs Skalie when we both had AK (gambooool), not much happened until I open-raised AK UTG, 2 callers, flop QJT, kerching ! The small blind then went call/call/allin for the 5K, yum yum, he had either T9 or 98 (the river came an 8), what do I care :-). Another win for the fast-play. 15K drained down to 8 thanks to every flop missed and every bluff called. Then at 200-400, Alan Vinson raised the cut-off, the button (AK payoff guy) moved in and I called fairly promptly with JJ. Button 88, but Alan had QQ, WCYD. Took the sidepot for 4K.

I play about one tournament a year in the Vic, and I swear, every time Lawrence Windish is on the table and every time he gets the lot. When he made it 5BB from his monster stack, I shipped my 10BB with AKs, to be up against AQ. It's funny the tricks your mind can play on you. I considered this a coin-flip. Flop Jxx. Turn K. He taps the table and just as I'm thinking "that gives you an extra out", bink the T. IGHN. Not to worry, better to burn out and put a session in online this evening.

Edit : Last sentence should read "better to burn out and do another grand online. Marv."

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