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As Rupert pointed out below, Pokerswat is going to be launching soon and I'll be making some tournament videos for the site. In fact I've already made about half a dozen ; I'm really pleased with how they've come out, it's a good mix, there's some live video of me shipping $60K on Party which is quite exciting, some $50 rebuy Pokerstars action and at the other end of the scale a video of turbo multi-table SNGs which goes through basic pushbotting (and luckboxing :-)) for beginners. Once I know the launch date I'll pass it on, and hopefully I'll have banners and stuff up so you can register from here.

As for the "coaches in the car park" angle I appreciate that point of view, but I think there's a big difference between helping those who make the effort to find the information online and dispensing "wisdom" to all and sundry in the casino. It's nice to give something back to the poker community (really) and I have found it helps me to improve my own game, not least on the spot because I have to actually verbalise and think about what I'm doing instead of going "I'm shipping this in whatever he does" which is a tarp I fall into sometimes.

While I'm here I whiffed the $1500 on iPoker last night but recouped my buyin through a swap. I think I'm getting the hang of how these big comps work ... Finally if you're thinking about trying to satellite in for WSOP-E or EPT online, check this thread first. The jist is that Betfair, for example, are giving prizes as $24K packages, $20K of which goes to your tourney buyin. However, since they started these, the pound has dived to $1.76 (not that I'm complaining ldo) and so you're losing $2400 on the deal. You could always ask Alistair Darling for a refund. It's not really the sites' fault, after all, as pointed out, if it went the other way no one would pay the site the extra back, but bear it in mind. Unless you have a fetish for satellites, it might be better to just play a WCOOP or a $100 rebuy or something and buy in if you cash for enough. Just don't tell me "but then I won't play" or I'll hunt you down and kill you. I promise.

Ah, Lloyd theorem I believe
Some sick pros on that list Andy. Any early indications what the costs are going to be or are they a closely guarded secret?
Hi Matt,

There's some info in this thread :

Including pricing as follows :

Level 1:

Monthly Fee: €8.99/$13.99
Signup Fee: €14.99/$23.99

Level 2:

Monthly Fee: €12.99/$19.99
Signup Fee: €24.99/$39.99

Level 3:

Monthly Fee: €15.99/$24.99
Signup Fee: €31.99/$49.99

Level 1: Access to .50c/1 Cash games video below, low buy in MTT/STT etc

Level 2: Access to 3/6 Cash games videos and below, medium buy in MTT/STT etc

Level 3: Access to all video content


When is the site launching
You know as much as I do. "Soon".

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