Monday, September 01, 2008


Late Drama (August wrap)

When you're playing past midnight on the 31st of the month, it's sort of like poker injury time. The board goes up, the crowd cheers or groans at the announcement of the crucial extra minute and it's time for the late substitute to make himself a hero. So it proved this morning as I turned another OK month into the best ever online by shipping 3rd in the Ongame Grand tournament for $80K.

I'm not a structure nit but the combination of half-hour levels and players with $6 average buyin throwing themselves onto their swords made for super deep stacks almost throughout, despite being constantly hand for hand from 30 players out. I was under 20 BBs just a couple of times in the whole thing (this being a two day tournament that started on Friday), and well over 50 BBs for long swathes of it even in the early hours of this morning. There was a point 3-handed when we were almost all dead level - with 80 BBs ! It's a bit frustrating to think that I could have picked up another $100K in half an hour with a break or two 3-handed, but obviously no complaints overall. I certainly won my share of flips, and a key hand where I put the "go and go" on this geezer with AK, he called 1/3 of stacks pre, I jammed the KQJ flop and he called with KQ ... Ace on the river kabongggggg !!

So that was nice, being the second time I had played that tournament and the 3rd, in total, $1K+ online tournament. I think perhaps I should try a few more. Given this unexpected windfall, it would be kind of rude not to spunk some of it off at WSOPE/EPT London as well so stay tuned for that. Up until last night the month had been much like July, grinding it up for about $10K profit on $25K buyins, but of course it's the big scores you play for and one of those sends your short-term stats through the roof. Anyway, for those of you thinking "must be nice", it is, very. Especially with the dollar down to $1.80 to the pound, I didn't even realise that till a couple of days ago when I deposited £100 into an iPoker skin and thought I'd been ripped off !

What I Learned This Month

Apart from play more $1K tournaments, I've kind of slowed down a bit with 20-30 BBs, where I was pushing too hard, and focussed on finding more ways to win chips in the 35-50 BB zone. Picking up spots to 3-bet loose raisers with anything down to complete air, and then half-potting the flop irrespective, is working well and also of course gives you good balance for getting paid with a big hand in this zone.

Fantastic result again, Andy. Good luck at WSOPE & EPT.
Richard Pipe
I can picture it now. Thew sitting next to Ross.

"Where's that Ward?"
"Yeah, darned poor show. He cops it for 80k online and then doesn't turn up to donate in a poxy 10K tourney".
"Rude, that's what I call it."


Ahh, the collapsing pound. It was so nice to hear an analysit on Wake Up To Money earlier in the week giving the investment advice of "Park your money in a foreign currency and wait until this hell is over".

I'm ahead of you, mate, I said.

Even on day to day spending (i.e., the money I'm taking out of the dollar account), the drop makes a difference to me of about a monkey (GBP) a year. For a baller like you I assume it would be ten times that.
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