Tuesday, September 02, 2008


EPT London

It's nice to know that I can play well throughout a 10-hour session online, if there's a carrot of a big pile of cash being waved in front of me, but it does kind of turn me into a gibbering zombie for the next day and a half. Or more so than usual. Now I'm able to think straight again, of course "windfall" is the wrong word for Sunday's result. It's much better to think of it as a wage that has been earned over all the hours of play in the year/decade/lifetime, and just happened to be paid all in one go. I don't claim credit for this point of view, I first came across it in a piece by Daniel Negreanu (when he used to be a poker player).

Also, as Pete B gently points out, the concept of it being "rude" not to spin it up live is faintly ridiculous. Nonetheless, I wouldn't mind a quick spin-up. So I've decided that, while the WSOP-E can GFI, Stars are actually adding some money to the EPT London and this is such a rare event nowadays it's the best choice to play. I'm thinking about playing the main event and also the £1500 tournament on the previous Saturday/Sunday, which happens to clash unavoidably with the WSOP-E main event. Hopefully this will keep some of the better players out of the mix.

If I play, I'm looking to sell some action. As Victoria Coren points out (from experience) [1], half a million quid is plenty to be getting on with if you win. The two tournaments are £5200+200 and £1500+75 which comes to £7000 near as dammit. If you'd be interested in buying some action at £90 per 1% [2] then Email me. T+Cs on request, but basically money up front and return does not include any residuals, sponsorship $, bonus prizes like future seats or anything like that. I'll also consider swapping % with anyone who doesn't suck.

[1] This isn't the wrong link, the specific part I'm quoting is in the comments.

[2] Or dollar equivalent at the time of purchase.

"Andy Ward"
o rly?
Ya rly !

Didn't realise this was in the public domain. Yes, it's me. I'll post about it tomorrow.

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