Saturday, August 02, 2008


July Wrap

In between finishing up at the WSOP and being on TV, I have managed to get a fair bit of volume in online. Something went wrong with my accounting to the tune of $1700, but even factoring that in as a loss (which I think is probably correct), I played $32.5K worth of tournaments and returned $42K for just short of $10K. This was a good effort for volume, the highest this year. A lot of this was down to fitting in 4 or 5 turbo tournaments between 10-11pm, and in fact, I went on a super hot streak in those for 10 days (I won the $150 on Betfair 3 times just for starters). It's fair to say that they completely got me out of it on the month.

I'm looking to put in another $30K+ this month, and hopefully do better in terms of profit. It's possible that something might come up September/October which will leave me playing less online (tease) so I might as well crack on now. There's also the FTOPS this month which should be good for 4 or 5 spin-ups.

What I Learned This Month

Well, firstly that if you can find some good turbo tournaments, people still play appallingly badly in these (especially around the bubble) and they can be very profitable. Apart from that, it occurred to me that I very rarely raise post-flop without a very strong hand. Especially when in position, I tend to call quite a lot for pot control/bluff inducing reasons with a deeper stack. Even on sites like Party you have to balance your ranges somewhat, so I've taken to mixing in a few bluff raises and check-raises where appropriate, just enough to keep them guessing. The Pearljammer/Rizen/Apestyles book has some good examples of this, and it's definitely working out well so far.

Andy, firstly, nice month of profit!

Secondly, how many tournaments did you play to make $32k of buyins?
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