Monday, July 07, 2008


Main Event Experiment

Just for fun, as it's not really going to tell us that much about ME expectation, I've picked out 30 2+2ers/Internet players, and let's see how they do in the Main Event. Of course the damn thing has already started, but I haven't checked the sweat threads on 2+2 and while I suspect a couple of these guys are out, it's close enough for now. In no particular order :

Bond18, uclabruinz, Fatal Error, colson10, Shaniac, MrTimCaum, Jurullo, amak316, ansky, LearnedFromTV, Thayer, Shaun Deeb, Adanthar, ckingusc, JP OSU, Gobboboy, psyduck, fxlexcduck, George Lind, mastr, Cornell Fiji, mlagoo, MaverickUSC, Todd Terry, nath, djk123, lilholdem, SCTrojans, Moorman1, allinstevie.

According to many peoples' estimates of main event EV, these 30 players should expect to return at least $900K in prize money ; I personally am taking the under. I really should have done this before the start, but I was too busy sulking.

Someone who did place his bets ante-post is Terrence Chan, who picked a bunch of players and bet that they wouldn't cash. I wish I had thought of that. Not only can we have a good look how these players turned out, a lot of those bets look like great value in hindsight.

pretty sure djk123 is too young. omit him and include bakes!
Thanks, I won't count djk. Seeing as I know Bakes has a grillion chips though, I think that would defeat the purpose :-)

BTW, GL in Day 2.

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Andy, do you think that the internet pros have an advantage over the live pros when playing the ME due to them being used to navigating through huge fields on a regular basis?
Meh, maybe, but it's really not that hard just to play one hand at a time until you're done (one way or the other).

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