Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Let Us Gogogogogo

Off and running today, as much in exasperation at the lack of $500 STTs as anything else. I coughed up for the $2K NL and busted out in level 3. It was a bit of a rollercoaster though, doubled up very early defending the BB with 74s (score one for Gus) when I turned a straight and he couldn't put his two pair or whatever down. Up to 12K with QQ > 44 pre and back to 9 AA < QQ pre grrrr. Went for a steal reraise with 44, ran into KK behind me and couldn't pass for his stack (original raiser passed AQs). TT < AK pre and finally with 5BB K7s < KQ.

Felt very comfortable overall though, there was one guy who looked pretty good but luckily I was on his immediate left, the rest were the usual collection of rocks and eggs. Maybe the steal reraise with 44 was a bit aggressive with three people behind me but it's only marginally bad if at all. If anyone else reraised they had enough chips for me to just drop it.

Moving forward, definitely playing the $1500 6-handed tomorrow and, depending on what happens, $2K limit on Friday and $2500 NL on Saturday are pencilled in. Good luck to Roland in the $5K mixed final today, and Chufty who is 2nd chip leader overnight in the O8. If anyone can stop Team Channing from attaining world domination that is, lol.

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