Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Drawing A Blank

Where are we, 0/5 in tournaments now and 0/10 in single tables. System working well, send more money. Since the last update :

$1500 Limit : Worked up to about 6K (from starting stack 3), but lost a big chunk with 99 v JJ in a three-way pot and couldn't recover.

$1500 Shootout : Made a possibly dodgy limp-shove, here's how it went down : 25-50, two limpers, I limped in the small blind with AQ and I really don't want to build a pot out of position with this hand. Big blind bets 375 into the 200 pot with about 1800 behind. I think my only options here are fold and allin, and maybe fold was better. He called my jam with AK, and I was unable to recover from 1K. One interesting snippet, Ian Frazer was on my table. Eddie Hearn was on the next one and when he pointed out the draw, Frazer said "that's alright, I know how he plays". Normally I'd put this down to bravado but in the event Frazer commentated on my semi-final in the Party thing so, having seen all my cards for 4 hours, he probably does know. So I wasn't going to reraise him light but we never got involved anyway.

$2K Limit : Some tough opponents here. To start with Jan Sjavik, who is one of the best limit tournament players I know, and Alex Kravchenko who was decent. As the weaker spots dropped out they were replaced with players like HossTBF (Full Tilt nosebleed cash player), David Baker (made the final in the Shootout last year), Derek8 (Stars TLB leader who could clearly play) and a couple of others who were 100-200 regs at least. I touched 5K max but ended up in a capped pot pre with KK v JJ v AQ (cap is 5 bets, JJ tried to make it 6 pre lol and AQ called everything pre). Flop AQx and I escaped for a raise, although I should have taken one more off for the size of the pot. JJ called all the way, the egg. Drainage after that and I was crippled with AT losing to Hoss's K6 and finally K9s < 22 for the scratch.

Oh well, it's only internet dollars. $3K HORSE today and, if I don't make Day 2 in that, $2K NL tomorrow. That starts a run of 5 NL tournaments (one 6-max the others all standard), in which I shall try to be a little more patient with committal pre-flop plays and see where that takes me.

Do something to get yourself angry. Get into a rage and win some dollars. It is what you are there for. Second place last year = no bracelet. You should still be steaming and ready to crush everyone. Get your mindset right, get some momentum going.
No Leaks.
Time for a wash and wank laddie.

Happy endings all round and good comes to those that wait.
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