Saturday, June 14, 2008


Donking It Up

Had a good run in the $3K HORSE over the last couple of days, finishing up in 26th for $6200. The only thing duller than NL hand histories is limit HHs, so I'll spare you the details, but it was an interesting tournament, quite a mix of donks and decent players, but very noticeable how the donks thinned out in the later stages. There's only so many times you can go runner-runner for half the pot. Who did I play against, Jennifer Harman for quite a while (tough combination of good and lucky), Justin Bonomo, the chick who won the chickament (not bad if a bit of a rock), Tom Schneider (played a lot of unbelievably bad-looking O8 starting hands but who am I to judge), Vanessa Rousso (I have an 8 in Razz - oh no wait, it's a Jack-Ten) and probably a few others I've forgotten.

I had 50K chips after winning a big Razz pot against Schneider but lost two Razz flips and one Stud flip, pretty much, to bust out. The limits were very high and for most players left it was a case of win two hands in a row monster stack, or lose two in a row busto. I'm the first to criticise myself if I play badly but I think I played very well in this one and was happy with getting into position for a big score, sometimes that's all you can do. On my way out I saw the guy who had been sitting on my right and busted 10 minutes before me, and he could barely talk he was so disappointed. He wasn't a young guy either, prob in his fifties.

Anyway, seeing as that also saved me $2K by making day 2 and not playing on Thursday, that was an $8K swing compared to the worst case, which still doesn't get me out of it of course, but it is damage control to an extent. Onwards and upwards, $1500 NL/$3K NL/$2500 6-handed/$2K NL/$1500 Stud bring it on.

Is that really a $1.5k NL stud tournament?

Does Stud lend itself well to NL? I thought it was primarily a fixed betting game.
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