Thursday, June 05, 2008


$1500 6-handed (yes, already)

Grosssssss. Lost 25% of my chips on the first two hands dealt, raise/c-bet/fold. As if that wasn’t enough, once I saw someone call a bet on a board of KhTh7h4h with 7c2c, and win, it became apparent that bluffing was not much of an option on this table. So it was really a case of finding/hitting a hand and getting paid because no one ever folded. Well that’s not true ; they did fold twice, once when I flopped broadway and once when I had Aces pre. I somehow still had 1900 when we went to 50-100, and figured that limping pre with the intention of either getting paid if I flop or limp/reraising would be the best bet. So I do, AdJd, button and blinds call. Flop J44, so obviously I’m concerned about one of the blinds having a 4. Bet the flop, button and SB (72 boy from before) call. Turn 9, and now I have a decent read that the SB doesn’t have a 4, so I’m basically good. You can see where this is going. I skilfully manipulate the pot to get allin on the river, and the button calls me with 84s. To table : good luck guys. To self : because you will fucking need it.

One positive from this, although it may sound odd, I was pretty disappointed to bust so early. You can't let it get you down, especially out here, but a lot of the time I just walk away whistling and I'm not disappointed enough. Having a strong desire to do well really helps keep you motivated live, and I seem to have that at the moment.

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