Thursday, May 29, 2008



I ended up dropping about $2400 this month, this was the first losing month since the summer break last year. I had three or four frustrating tournament sessions where I went deep but ended up 7th or 8th for not enough reward. Never mind. To pass the time I also played a fair bit of $8-16 HORSE (making a few hundred) and $10-20 limit HE (breaking even). The one thing with cash games is that you can dip in and out of them for an hour whenever, which is obviously a lot easier when you don't feel like putting in a long session.

I was thinking lately that the online poker season should run like the football, August to May with a break in between for people to play the WSOP, so all the nerds staying at home don't get all the ranking points :-). Anyway, looked at in that way, I've made $165K online in that time ; chuck in another $15-20K live and I'm very happy with it. Not bad for a 3-day week :-).

Fortunately the WSOP has come around just in time for a break from online. My plans haven't changed over the last week (for once), I'm still looking at 17-20 events for $30-35K total entry. If I get off to a good start I might step up into some bigger comps, but it's always nice to know your maximum downside. This year I'll be making more of an effort to play single tables and even cash (limit cash) in between, and just play as much as I can. Can't wait !!

Hi andy,

could you let us know what events you will be playing as id like to follow progress if you go deep in any/put bets on you when it gets to shovebot stage :)

Also, are you gonna use any kind of schedule or just play as and when you get the urge.

It'll be a bit on the fly which events I play, but I will definitely be playing both $1500 shootouts, $1500 and $2500 6-max, prob both HORSE events and the rest will work around. I should be updating with results and plans regularly.


free bet

bring it on WSOP and gl!!
Best of look at the WSOP, both in the tournies and the cash games! I'll be looking forward to the updates.
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