Saturday, May 17, 2008


Break Time ?

I'm thinking about skipping the rest of this month and just taking a couple of weeks off pre-WSOP. I'm not playing especially well anyway ; I'm even on the month thanks to an 8th place in the FTOPS Pot-Limit, in which I was rather unlucky at the final table. Since then it's been a bit meh, I was playing better tonight for a couple of hours but then I donked them off pretty horribly in the $300 6-handed and I think it might be better to skip the rest of the month rather than do $10K just because I think I have to play all the time.

This should allow me to move into "live poker" mode, and it would probably be a good idea to play a live tournament or two as a quick warm up. So don't be surprised if you see me at the Vic or the Sportsman in the next week or two. Then again don't be surprised if you don't, given my record for deciding to go out and play live and then not being arsed :-)

I'm finalising my WSOP plans, right now I'm thinking about playing as many as 18 prelim events ! That list includes the two $1500 shootouts, the two smaller 6-handed NL, two HORSE comps (not the 50K ldo), one each of all the random $1500s except PLO high which I think I suck at, and a couple more limit hold-em and small NL here and there. Might as well put some volume in while I'm out there, and TBH I'm happy to have a good excuse not to play the main event. Incidentally regarding the main event, for everyone who says the change won't affect you anyway, and even if it does you'll be winning a lot of money, how about if Harrah's said they were keeping half of first prize ? It's highly unlikely to affect you, and even if it does you're still winning $4 million, wow that will be terrible. So presumably you'd have no problem with that either.

Obv stay tuned for Vegas, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have something else to announce that's moderately exciting.

Update (Sunday AM) : On reflection, I probably won't take a break, I'll just try to play better.

Andy, will you be buying yourself into each of the events or will you be using a backer to fund some of them?
For the WSOP I'm just buying in. I was thinking about soliciting some backing for $5K Shootout & $5K 6-max but on reflection these are not smart tournaments to play with anyone's money. Too big for the tourists, too small for the whales.

I am thinking about playing some bigger tournaments and selling some action so if you are a potential investor then watch this space.

free bet

its good to take a break....seems like u need one
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