Sunday, March 23, 2008


Time For A Break

This is a bit like one of those football reports that they sometimes have to re-write because of a late goal. Say for example if a game finished 4-4 between two "top teams" who defend like pub sides. But that would never happen in the best league in the world (TM). What I mean is that I'm still playing in a couple of Sunday specials, but it's pretty unlikely that anything spectacular will happen later on.

Anyway I think I need a break. I feel run down physically and I haven't really had a week out for six months so I'm due one. I've put my $20K in this month, for a profit of $250 if I don't cash tonight, and we're down to one table now. Live updates ! So that's good enough. I'm not playing especially well, seeing Indians behind every tree. Actually that's not true. Every tree except the ones that do in fact have Indians behind them.

However, as I like to entertain all the same, some news : I will be playing in the presitigious Party Poker World Open IV. As you can see, it's hotly anticipated. Enjoy exposing my hypocrisy below. Hint : try the Poker Bastard comments.

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